Five Money Experts – Follow These Financial Experts’ Advice

In need of some money advice? Follow these top financial leaders and money savings experts whose knowledge and tips will help you reach your money goals.

A constant, shared goal among millions today, especially during the coronavirus, is how to budget, save, and make money. Thankfully these people have experienced the lows and now ever-increasing highs of finances to create and share the ultimate money strategy with you. Follow these top financial leaders to help you in every and all aspect of your financial life. 

Tiffany Aliche

Founder of “The Budgetnista”, an award-winning teacher of financial education and #1 best selling author.  

The Budgetnista is an award-winning financial education firm established in 2008 that provides financial literacy through curriculum, seminars, workshops, and trainings. While Aliche tackles all kinds of financial topics, the most popular are debt management, credit, and budgeting which she offers step-by-step guides on her blog, The Bugetnista. Each year, The Budgetnista offers a free online financial challenge to help women achieve seven specific financial goals in 36 days.

Farnoosh Torabi

Award-winning podcaster of “So Money”, Contributing Editor to Oprah Magazine and NextAdvisor, and bestselling author.

As a financial reporter and television host, the “perfectly practical” financial expert has appeared on ABC and CNN along with being in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Time and Money magazine. Through multiple platforms, she has coached many young women through debt and has helped followers build a strong financial foundation. In her So Money podcast, Farnoosh features intimate conversations with inspiring and highly-accomplished individuals from Tony Robbins to Seth Godin to Sallie Krawcheck all about their own money journey and lessons. She also has a private 1:1 coaching practice as well as the Book to Brand workshop in New York. 

Erin Lowry

Founder of the personal finance blog Broke Millennial and author of “Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together”

Erin’s book Broke Millennial presents practical how-to money advice in a conversational way for 20-somethings and beyond. Her hashtag for you to get your financial life together (#GYFLT) has made her financial advice an easy-to-understand approach for her followers. 

Her “Ask Me Anything” for our  Instagram community is refreshing, unbiased, and also highly relevant such as pushing up the amount you save by 0.5% to 1% every 3 months until you reach your goal or nicknaming your savings account to something specific.

Erin has been featured on the Rachael Ray show, BBC, and USA Today.

Donny Gamble, Jr.

Author, entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Personal Income and CEO of Influenced Media.

Donny Gamble Jr. is a finance blogger who contributes to the Huffington Post,,, along with other financial and small business oriented websites. is a financial website dedicated to changing the way individuals think about finance and investing. You can follow his top tips on Twitter.

Tori Dunlap 

Founder of Her First 100K

At age 25, Tori successfully saved $100,000 and quit her corporate career to help share her top tips to save and get rich. Her financial education is rooted in feminism, equality, and empowering women. She has been featured in Good Morning America, People, CNBC, and Forbes as she focuses on building her money mantra through entrepreneurship and slashing the patriarchy with personal finance 101 workshops, money tools, and a bold attitude.

Grant Sabatier

Creator of Millennial Money author of Financial Freedom, and the founder of the Financial Freedom Summit

Going from $2.26 in his bank account post college to have a net worth of 1 million dollars in five years, Grants now owns 3 successful companies, has managed over $100 million in digital advertising, and is millennial FIRE (financially independent, retired early). Millennial Money shares Grant’s tips on investing, personal finance, entrepreneurship and is also the host of the Financial Freedom podcast. Grant also speaks around the world on money, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness.