10 Ways to Make Money From Home

With the world of work, and geographical location of work, moving inside the home, many used-to-be office workers have now transitioned to full-time work from home. Working from home may no longer be the luxury it used to be, but if it’s your first time working from home or you are now required to be at home, you might find yourself looking for ways to keep yourself busy outside of your day to day job while stuck at your house.

Apart from your side hustle or passion project, since you’ve been spending more time at home, you can try creating supplemental income through these surprisingly feasible and real ways to make money from home.  

  1. Be a virtual assistant: You won’t be going on coffee runs as a virtual assistant, but you can easily help another person out with organizational and managerial tasks from the comfort of your own home. 
  2. Rent out your home: While safety protocols have changed, you can still make extra cash by renting out a room of your home without having to go anywhere. 
  3. Be an online tutor: Everyone needs a teacher and many will pay for help! Bonus, you can tutor from your home! Stick to subjects you know well when considering online tutoring. Make sure you price yourself sensibly and use a reputable platform to showcase authenticity. 
  4. Sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay: Need to revamp your living room furniture? Deep cleaning your closet? The saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is certainly true for your well taken care of items. Before you throw away something, try selling it on a resale site – you never know how much people are willing to pay!
  5. Social media management: Social media marketing is a fantastic way to make money from home as all the work you will be doing is virtual . Whether it is managing a community or helping make your way through a large amount of comments, social media can be done from anywhere at any time. Other than helping someone else with social media, Youtube Partner Program and Affiliate Marketing are great options for generating income through social media. 
  6. Create an online class/courses: Are you an expert in a certain area? Do you know all the insider tips and tricks for the things you love? Then share them! People around the world are turning to online courses to learn more about whatever they want to and you can charge a good amount for your knowledge. 
  7. Gaming: Love to play video games in your free time? Well, did you know you can get paid to play video games? Game developers and gaming companies will pay game testers to try out their games in a real environment, as you will need to play to analyze and improve game development.
  8. Surveys: If you often skip over surveys, think again as these short and long form questionnaires make bring in a few extra bucks. There are lots of different survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie that reward you in cash and gift cards for taking various surveys. 
  9. Product Testing: For brands to create the best product possible, they like to know what consumers think about their newest products before launching in stores and to the general public. By testing and trying a certain brand’s product for yourself, you can help the brand’s product development.
  10. Freelance writing: Everyone from high school students to retirees can be freelance writers. Many companies big and small need current content, and by being a freelance writer, you can get paid to write about nearly anything. You’ll want to make sure you price yourself based on your skills, work, length, and writing expertise to make sure you get paid enough.